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Seattle's Downtown Running Store
Running and Walking shoes for all "forward motion" activities, from fitness, to training (outright or half-ass), to competitive, to minimal footwear.

We will help you with the fit of your footwear, insuring that you get the correct shoe for your foot. But like we said,
WATCH OUT!--we just might make you roll up your pants or hike your skirt a bit and take you out to walk or run to evaluate your mechanics. Then we'll suggest solutions to whatever you present. We will encourage you to try on as many as you like. But sometimes though, we'll say "That's the one"!

Shoes for all types of surfaces like trails,roads, track, cross country (races), paths, ellipticals, and treadmills, but
NOT the ol' couch-to-frig, out and back!...Some of the brands we carry......
About Us
For all kinds of weather, we have the clothing and socks that will not only keep you comfortable in any enviroment, but also, will make you look good to boot....Some of the products...
We carry a full line of products for both open water and pool swimming. All essentials from Speedo; mens and womens suits, goggles, caps,and,other training aids.
Sensitive ankles? Sore arches? IT band hurting? Chafing? Need ice packs? We offer a wide variety of insoles and sports medicine product for your needs. We've experienced the "Ouch" ourselves....We can help with brands such as Superfeet, Biosoft, ArchMolds, Pro-Tec, and balance products from Bosu, Fitter First, and Harbinger....
Hydration bottles and carriers from....
Watches, HR Monitors, and GPS units from......
Be seen with reflectives and lights...and hey, we have them for your bowser!......
Everything from pre-workout fueling to during-event energy and post recovery, we have a good selection of products. Such as...